Monday, July 11, 2011

Turn The Page

As with all good things in life...there comes a time when one has to decide when it's time to TURN THE PAGE.

I have reached this point in my life. Therefore, I have decided to turn the page with this blog.

After this post today...July 11, 2011 there will be no further post made to "Simple Way To Earn $100 To $200 Per Week" Online Income Strategy.

However, if you visit and read this blog and have questions...send me an e-mail...and in the interest of sharing information I will do my very best to answer your questions.

Special thanks to all who have visited this blog and purchased the recommended affiliate products.

I still believe in each and every affiliate product recommended here. If I had any doughts about any product/s I would remove them.

Your trust and friendship are more important to me that a few dollars.

As I turn the page on certain online business endeavers I will continue to have a limited online presents.

To those who visit this blog for the first time...welcome. And, thank you for droping by. There's lots of good how-to-advice...that can help you with your IM endeavers found here if you will only take it and put it to use.

As we turn the page...

My Best 2 U,


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


UP-DATE June 28, 2011: With everybody and their grand-mother constantly sending you junk e-mails with headlines telling you to click here and make a zillion dollars within 45 can be hard to know exactly what one should and should not do when starting their IM endeavors.

Also, it's really easy to get side tracked and before you realize're off chasing the next shiny e-mail offer. Only to waste a lot of your valuable time, and nothing to show for your efforts.

Can you believe, "This happens time and time again!"

But, you can break the shiny e-mail offer marry - go - round by following an established action plan...and, to get you started in the right's the first step:

Step 1: Find Affiliate digital products that people want, are actively looking for, and are paying money for.

Where can you find these products? ClickBank Marketplace.

ACTION STEP: Pay a visit to on Marketplace and, spend some time exploring the different categories and products listed within each category.

Choose a few products that you believe answers the question...people want, are actively looking for, and are paying money for.

Pick 3 - 5 Affiliate Digital ClickBank Products...and make a list. (record the product name, and the URL of each website).

Once you have your list of 3 - 5 ClickBank Affiliate Digital Products, come back here for the next step in your established action plan.

And, if you have questions concerning this first step in your established action plan...send me an e-mail...and, in the interest of sharing information I will do my very best to answer your questions.

AND, if you are in a hurry to learn the next step in your established action plan...check out COMPLETE GUIDE TO AFFILIATE MARKETING to the right of this post. (*********************>>>>>).

My Best 2 U,